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Oct 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
underway for the mmre ttann35-hundred election judges montgomery county will need on novvmber 6th. in will have to report to ork one day earliee, tt begin setting up voting machines. roher says: "there was redistricting that oocurred lass january. and, for a lot been to the pollinggplace &psince that redistricting oocurred.. so, we're encouraging everyone to review their sample ballot to seee where heir polling place is." 3 despite the extensive training, there is concerr here about potential long lines in monttomery countt on &pelection day. polling places hhveechanged for more than 60-thousand montgomery county residents. are eleccric ars really the futtre or just a fad? it looks like baltimore city isson the road to purchass more than a dozen of thhm. thhm. joel d. smith is live at the deelership to see if the cars make sense ffr the morning joel d. 33 3 coming up... apple is apologizing to customers... after repoott f i-phone 5 map application. applicatton.the surprising thinggthe company is now is fixed.ers to do... uuttl it you're wwtching 3 ((bump in)) 3((ad lib meteorologist))
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
fraud in a. paryland."election integrity maryyand" says its found two cases where ppople who registeeed o vvte are using the names of people who died. they say...many others wwo names removeddfrom the voter rools. the group saas others who are living...havee pegistered to vote ttice in (keeleher) "and for every time one vote that's fraudulent gets cast, it'' erasing my vote which is a legitimate vote anddi don't thiik the citizens of marrlann should tolerate that."//2nd sot// (mcconoogh) "we need an office &pof voting integrity with an asssstant attorney generaa in charge of it and a better system."ssate elections officiall deny any voter fraud. but they sayyif allegatioos of prreeularrties come to thestate proseutors office. the american red cross of marylaan s facing a major it something you can handle? handle?? joel d. smith is going throughhsome of the e mooning joel d.. how many volunteers do thhy need? need? 3 3sommeterrifyiig moments... during a weekend skateboarding &pevent in oloradd. colorrdo.a man on a 40-miles-aa-hour... runs straight intoo deeer &pdeer. the two roll off the
Oct 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
before the election. hit stores... apple is gearing according to "fortune eiling. verrion of the i-pad ill soon be releesed.invitations o the &punveiling are expected to go out next week.if that's the &ptablet could hit stores in time for the oliday shoppingg season. 3loveeit r hate t... winter parts of the counnry must any - ppepare for the potential onslaught of ice and snow. so what f that messy wwnter mixx had a name? ssarting this season... the weaaher channel will now name winter storms. stacey cohan is iie in 1) why haven't 3&pwinter storms been named in the past?2) what names are up first?2) what names aae up first? 3 commng up in consumer reports... tips... for saaing mooey on medicine..he heaper alternativessto any prescriptiin... that might already be in your medicine're watching fox 45 morring news.. aalllocal.. all morning. wkk anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home
Oct 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
report sway the election in eithhr direction? coming up next... we hear from ray leeis... about the start of the ravens enter for a chance to can - interview're watching 3((break 7)) 3&p((can)) the ravens are off to a great staat this season ... and it's no surprise that's ue n part to one man...ray lewis.. ray is backkffr his 17th season .. and many say looking better than everr((boxes)) mvp ....13 time proobowler and future hhll of famer available to talk with us this morning. -you came into this peasonnlean and rrady to go... a lot of people are wondering how you got thattway .. and why -im at every home &pggme.. we get pumped when you come out on the field and do your dance. but i'm ápregameá rrtuaa-let's discuss the near future... what's your against kansas and or the season-how can fans have epic season-our viewers had a lot of questionn...-tommy bunns ....when are you going to come out with our own clothing clothing linee and wwth your own ggiig to come out ....when are you -tommy bunns lot of havv epic season viewers had a -our viewers had a lot of questions...-tom
Oct 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
'' leaving the country." ...and flyinggwith it...if youure next months' presidential f election... et-blue has an offer thaa might appeal to you. &pa new marketing campaign protection"... offerr free round-trip ickett to onn f itss211international destinations enter... candidate on jet-blue's website beeorreelection day... &pann youu candidate as to los. &plose.for a link toothe contest... just to go ur websste.. fox-baltimore-dot- com. you ould earn a spot on to one of america's favorite gaae shows. as you knoo fox45 is the ew home off jeopardy and wheel of fortune. and the baltimore. try this saturday aad sunday at hunt valley town center.. center... ann... be sure to watch jeopardy weeknights on fox45 at seven. wheel that at 7--hirty. coming up... make sure your next status update on facebookk.. doesn't ggt missed.the new feature that has your cooment standing out among the rest. originallgangnam nats of're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. pll morning. ((break 4)) aú at 400 pounds, he had a 60 inch waist and was 50 percent body fat... but a spot o
Oct 8, 2012 6:00am EDT
morning... veeezuelan president hughhchavez clinches another term.he was re-elected on sunday, for another six president since 19-99, overcame a serious challengg by capilee randonski... a with 90 percent of the ballots counted, the nattonal had about 54 percent of the ez - vvte ... compared with nearlyy 45 pprcenttfor apriles. attorneys for jerry sandusky will meet with a judge tooay... just one day ahead of his sentencing.they'll discuss matters related to tomorrow's 2 court sessions.the first is a hearing o decide whether sandsuskyyis a violent sexual predator.the second will be his formal sentencing.sadusky is the former penn tate university assistaat football coach... who was ound guilty on 45 counts of child sex abuse.he faces up to life in prison. the federal governmentts new attempt to combatt obesity... is creatiig a ssir among parents.under new guidelines froo the u-s-d-a... school lunches now double the servinns of fruits and sure students are eating no s more than 8-hundred-50 calories.but some parents say the smaller lunch is leaving their kids hungry.according to rece
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6